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Travel 360: Front Row Seat at Rio 2016

Experience beautiful Brazilian scenery, meet locals and Olympic officials, explore the Olympic venues, and watch athletes train in 360 at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with immersiv.ly

By Kaitlyn Mullin

The 2016 Olympic Games have been a whirlwind of athleticism, celebration and spectacle for the last two weeks in Rio de Janeiro and all over the world as spectators from all countries tuned in to watch and stream the summer Olympics.

Immersiv.ly partnered with filmmakers Jean Yves and Carole Chainon to produce a series of immersive VR experiences for the 2016 Olympic Games. Meet the athletes, learn more about the games and experience Rio 2016 in 360!

First, Brazilian athletes and beautiful South American scenery welcome you to Rio. In this video, you’ll get up close and personal with some of the Olympic venues, get a front row seat to watch elite athletes train and even get a “swimmer’s eye view” of the action from in the pool.

Next, meet key members of the Olympic Organizing Committee and learn more about the events. Get an inside look at the process behind the Olympics, hear about some of the challenges of organizing such a massive international sporting event, and learn fun facts and statistics about this year’s games.

Next, with the Olympics drawing to an end, you might be starting to wonder what happens to all of the facilities after the closing ceremonies. In this video, learn about nomadic architecture and how the Rio Olympic complex was built specifically with energy efficiency and recycling in mind.

Finally, see how Rio’s resident feel about having the international athletic event of the year so close to home. Hear directly from locals about the excitement and challenges of hosting the Olympic Games and get a closer look at Rio de Janeiro.

For more from Jean Yves and Carole Chainon, go to the OOAWORLD Facebook page.
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Kaitlyn Mullin
Written by Kaitlyn Mullin

Kaitlyn Mullin is an immersive journalist, blogger and freelance 360 video editor. She is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California with degrees in Digital Journalism and Biology. Read more articles by Kaitlyn Mullin...