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Actor Sid Phoenix recites poem in virtual reality

The 1-to-1 power of 360° video

Much of the most interesting work in spherical video has been done by working in close proximity to the subject. Get the near field right, and the rest follows.

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360-degree video news images

How we can help you into VR

We are pioneers of story-telling in virtual reality. We provide content, consulting and publishing solutions for media and commercial brands.

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Immersiv.ly headset news in VR

Everyone is talking about VR

So we compiled a list of some of our favorite VR bloggers

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Travel 360: Rio 2016 Olympics

Experience beautiful Brazilian scenery, meet locals and Olympic officials, explore the Olympic venues, and watch athletes train in 360 at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with immersiv.ly

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Chris Sacca speaking in New York, 2015

Chris Sacca is so right on VR

The star investor is impressed by progress in VR tech, but worries about lack of investment in monitoring physiological effects on users of VR content. Not for the first time, he’s right on the money

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We want you to care about news

By putting the user at the heart of the action, and giving them an interactive role, a choice in how they consume a story, we believe the public attitude to what news is can change.

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Travel 360: Go speed-flying

Ed Miller, head of visuals at immersiv.ly, took a 360-degree video rig to the slopes, and to the air, over Val Thorens, in the French Alps. Join him at the heart of the action as he glides by ski and through the air

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Travel 360: Los Angeles lives

The City of the Angels is a magnet for artists, athletes, actors and, more than ever before, start-up entrepreneurs. We filmed a series of 360-degree documentaries to tell their stories.

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Stage 360: you're the director

In the famous Gulling Scene, you are at the heart of the action. Choose your viewpoint, and whether you side with the hapless Malvolio or those who mock him

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News 360: you're the editor

Immersiv.ly’s ground-breaking 360-degree video enables you to choose your point of view at the Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrations

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Art 360: you're the critic

With Digital De Re Gallery, immersiv.ly created the first art opening in interactive virtual reality. The artist Gretchen Andrew helps you choose your path round her art, activating additional content at your own pace.